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Registered Charity

Anton Bruckner Choir (ABC) is a Registered Charity in England and Wales, number 1110712.


Being a registered Charity allows ABC, via Gift Aid, to operate on a slightly better financial footing, and thus to better fulfill its aims.

For more information, download our constitution (52KB) or view our entry on the Charities Commission website


As an active organisation and a registered Charity, we have numerous responsibilities: for the welfare of singers, audience, and helpers who are attending our events; for the careful use of our resources and preventing undue losses; for care in handling data (particularly in accord with the GDPR regulations); and so on.  We have developed various policies and procedures around these aspects - some relevant documents are here:

Health and Safety Policy

Risk Assessment Forms -

Safety at rehearsals / Safety at concerts

Financial risks of rehearsals / Financial risks of concerts

Accident, injury & near-miss report

Data Protection - Privacy Policy & Terms of use

2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Anton Bruckner Choir AGM took place on Saturday 4th February 2017 at 17:00 at University College School, London NW3, after the rehearsal. The AGM was open to all members who had sung with the choir in the previous year. The following documents are available to view or download in PDF format:

Agenda for the 2017 AGM (28KB)

Document archive

Previous years' documents will continue to be available here for future reference. They are all PDFs. Please note that since 2013 the Trustee's Annual Report is no longer produced.


Minutes of AGM (61KB)

Accounts (65KB)



Minutes of AGM (81KB)

Accounts (62KB)



Minutes of AGM (88KB)

Accounts (43KB)



Minutes of AGM (55KB)

Accounts (45KB)



Minutes of AGM (47KB)

Accounts (61KB)

Trustees Annual Report (97KB)



Minutes of AGM (35KB)

Accounts (52KB)

Trustees Annual Report (75KB)



Minutes of AGM (17KB)

Accounts (48KB)

Trustees Annual Report (119KB)



Minutes of AGM (59KB)

Accounts (49KB)

Trustees Annual Report (210KB)

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