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How To Use Feeds

Some sections of provide an RSS feed to help you keep up to date.

What's an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is really just a webpage designed to be read by a computer rather than a person. Every RSS feed contains a list of links to relevant web pages, each with a short summary of what's there.

This means that to to make use of a feed, you will need a feed reader (sometimes called an aggregator). Many mainstream web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, have basic readers built in, but there are other options. Both Google (via iGoogle) and Yahoo have widgets you can add to their page so that you can read feeds online, and some email programs have the abilit to integrate feeds. There are also dedicated feed reader programs available, not only for desktop/laptop computers, but for mobile phones and tablets too. There are too many to provide a useful list here, but if you just want a taste, you can't go wrong with Google Reader.

This might sound complex, but using RSS feeds has a big advantage - you don't need to keep coming back to to see if it has been updated. Simply add a feed to your reader, and it will let you know when there is something new.

For more information about RSS, Wikipedia has a very good article about it.

What Feeds Does The Site Have?

Not every page of has a feed for it. Look out for the icon next to Print in the 'toolbox', or for a link at the bottom of the page.

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